History of the Society

Since 1985, Michigan oncologists and hematologists have been formally organized to promote best practices and ensure access to quality care for the state's cancer patients. The Michigan Society of Hematology and Oncology (MSHO) was formed in response to unfavorable changes in Medicare reimbursement and consistent coverage issues with Michigan's private payers that jeopardized the specialists' ability to deliver quality care. Today, the need to advocate for the advancement of cancer treatment as a recognized, credible, unified, local "Voice of Oncology" remains.

Throughout its history, MSHO has paid careful attention to membership recruitment and retention. Policy makers and regulators have given the Society access because they understand that we represent the state's cancer specialists. The Michigan Society of Hematology and Oncology includes physicians from private practice, hospital and academic medical center settings. Our organization provides educational, reimbursement, legislative advocacy and networking services to physician members as well as their clinical staff, practice managers and billing staff members.

Since the founding of the Society, strong physician leadership and vision have driven MSHO's achievements. Our Board of Directors, consist of oncologists, hematologists, and radiation oncologists representing all geographic areas of Michigan. Many Board members hold positions in national clinical and professional advocacy organizations. The talent and expertise that each of these specialists bring to our Society is impressive. 

Our members are connected with statewide and national stakeholders in cancer care. These connections provide resources to our membership which can be accessed through the resource links on our website.  

MSHO's Corporate Sponsors play an essential part in sustaining our initiatives. The aligned mission we share, to advance cancer care, has kept these companies engaged with our Society. Corporate members have access to all open MSHO educational programs, priority display opportunities and participate in regular dialogue with leadership.

Education, networking and communication build strong allegiance to MSHO.  All educational meetings are carefully designed to offer a setting conducive to networking and disseminating information relevant to our members. Quarterly newsletters, bi-monthly Reimbursement Bulletins, the MSHO website and direct mailings support education opportunities. The Society provides the services of a senior reimbursement consultant to support practices.

The Michigan Society of Hematology & Oncology continues to flourish due to the commitment of its leadership, participation of its members and support of its sponsors. Maintaining a position as the "great neutral" among various organizations with competing agendas allows MSHO to be recognized as the trusted voice of oncology in Michigan. All decisions for Society participation are measured against our mission to provide advocacy, support clinical research and educate our members. Staying true to our purpose has kept our members loyal and our position as an advocate of quality cancer care solid.

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