MSHO Reimbursement Support

Our dedicated MSHO reimbursement email, is available to all MSHO members and their staff.  This member benefit  is dedicated to addressing coverage, coding and reimbursement issues and questions from our members. MSHO will pursue responses from payers, AMA and/or national oncology societies on behalf of our members for all medical and radiation oncology specific inquiries where further investigation is needed.

MSHO cannot provide individual claims support, however MSHO can help pinpoint payer specific reimbursement and claims processing issues and address them directly to the payer.

The information provided by our consultants is not intended to be conclusive or exhaustive as to any topic. Because third-party payer reimbursement policies vary and can change, you should also contact the relevant health plan for the most timely and accurate information. For information on federal and/or state government programs, you should contact the appropriate program representative. The use of any information does not guarantee payment or that any payment received will cover your costs. MSHO makes no warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy or appropriateness of the information for any particular use. MSHO is not responsible for any action you take in billing for your services.

MSHO's consultation services add resources and oncology specific information to our members' reimbursement billing decision making, but the responsibility for all claims submission resides with the provider and their staff members.

To utilize this member benefit, please send your inquiries to

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