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Tips For Developing A Relationship With Your Legislator

To cultivate a close relationship with your legislator and his/her staff, invite them to visit your practice at least once each term, but also any time a change has occurred that you want them to be aware of. Use the opportunity for media attention. Ask to work with their press person to help give them some favorable media coverage. Use the meeting to educate your legislator and staff about your practice and what you do for their district both as a provider of cancer care to their constituents and as an employer. 

When changes occur in Medicare – either through Congressional action (legislation) or through regulatory authority – let your legislator know how the changes will affect your practice and your patients. Be specific on the issues and what course of actions you’d like the legislator to take. 

Use whatever personal or organizational ties you have to help develop your relationship with the legislator... Political action is an effective loyalty builder. Once you are on the legislator’s radar screen, you may be asked for help with their campaigns. If you are able to contribute in some way, you will most likely be remembered.

Get to know the Legislator’s staff people involved in health issues. Call them to discuss concerns so that they recognize you and your intent on following the legislator’s actions on issues that mean most to your practice and your patients.


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